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  • April 22, 2022

  • Tomasz Koper

Penghu Islands are a good choice for people who want to connect with nature and get away from city crowds. From now until the end of June, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau is promoting island-hopping trips for visitors to watch birds and enjoy the rugged beauty of the volcanic islands.

As the ship rocks under their feet, tourists cling to their smartphones instead of the railings. They try to photograph terns dancing and wriggling all around the ship.

With a constellation of small islands and little human interference, the Penghu or Pescadores Archipelago is a bird’s paradise. Birds and bird watchers flock here during the migration season. Many Taiwanese have chosen to vacation in this national destination during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From late April to June, the Taiwan Tourism Board promotes island-hopping trips for birdwatchers. These will take visitors to some of the less traveled islands of the archipelago for the chance to see up to six rare species of tern.

Hung Chih-kuang of the administration of Penghu Scenic says that this program is different from those of commercial operators. Visitors can admire both the birds and the natural beauty of the area.

The tours have attracted many bloggers, including some foreigners.

Ishii Mikiko from Japan says terns are not common there and she is happy to see them in Penghu.

So if life gets you down, the beauty of Taiwan’s outer islands is sure to turn the tide.

Tomasz Koper, RTI News


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