Nanaimo country singer Joel Lee’s latest song is a call to keep the party going.

Last month, Lee released his third single, This Party Ain’t Over, and accompanying music video. Lee said that in writing the song he was thinking of country music festivals and making the most of the fleeting West Coast summers.

“When you go to a festival it usually lasts three or four days and on the third day everyone is a bit tired and tired, a bit hungover, and it was just a matter of reviving it for the fourth day. “said Lee. “So when you feel you are done, you just have to throw the party one more time. “

This Party Ain’t Over is Lee’s self-produced first single. Although he has co-produced in the past, Lee has said he tries to express a certain sound and style and that “sometimes the easiest way to do that is to just paint using your own brush “.

“You decide the color of the sky, the color of the trees and so on, so it’s kind of like that with music,” he said. “You create a sort of soundscape and you try to convey it to people so that you make all the decisions to make it happen.”

For the clip, Lee put on his own country music show for friends and family, complete with a Texan-style beer keg and barbecue. He said he just wanted to capture his guests having fun.

“We tried to teach them to dance in a line in the time we had and I knew that wasn’t going to work,” he said. “But the fun part was it was just people having fun trying to line dance, so it was quite endearing.”

Lee’s two sons are also his group mates, but they were unable to make it to the video shoot. Due to their absence, Lee was forced to play multiple characters in the video.

“I play a redneck, a cowboy, a farmer and then myself as a musician, so it was a lot of fun,” Lee said. “I was thinking about Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy, you know how they do this stuff?” I thought that was what I should do.

The video quickly caught the attention of a DJ from Atlanta, Georgia, who performed This Party Ain’t Over for his listeners. Lee said it is significant to know that his music reaches people in the southern United States.

“I get broadcasts across the country in Canada, but being in the heart of the country where all the big guys come from, Jason Aldean and guys like that, is pretty cool,” Lee said. “It was a big deal for me.”

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