More than 50 people gathered under the dome of the State House on Thursday to celebrate the Transgender visibility day, a day to celebrate transgender and non-binary people while raising awareness of the important work that remains to be done to ensure trans rights and fulfillment. The event was hosted by State Senator Mack tiara (Democrat, District 6, Providence) and Codec Housea group providing “safe and accessible spaces for our local Queer and BIPOC communities”.

You can support Haus of Codec here.

Kimika Ross acted as master of ceremonies for the event.

GEM and their partner Julio “put together Haus of Codec knowing that for years in queer Rhode Island, transitioning youth had no safe space to go to if they were homeless”.

“Transgender Awareness Day was born out of an ongoing effort to show the world that the trans community is still here, and always has been,” said Charlotte Peters from the House of Codec:

Jackie Goldman is a candidate for the municipal council of Providence, district 5:

A musical interlude:

Damien Lima is a candidate for the Rhode Island Political Cooperative:

Damien is a poet:

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