It goes without saying, but Maine is a remarkable place. We have a bit of everything, from our mountain peaks to our rocky shores. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore in this state and the more I see, the more I fall in love.

Casco Bay

Islands are dotted across our south coast and create postcard-worthy getaways and day trips. According to Explore Maine, there are over 4,600 islands off the coast of Maine!! It’s an absolutely insane number.

Among these islands are those accessible by Casco Bay Ferry Lines, a purchased ticket of which will give you a round-trip experience around Casco Bay that you can use at your leisure. You buy the ticket, you go to the island and you can take the ferry of your choice! This gives you complete freedom to spend as much time as you want on the islands, even for overnight visits or week-long stays.

Whether you’re heading to Peaks Island to eat a lobster roll on the shore for a day trip steeped in history or spending a week on Long Island basking in the sun at South Beach, our islands dotted across the bay have so much to offer.

Beautiful walks along the coast, scenic waters for kayaking, fresh seafood right on the water, and a relaxing and scenic boat ride to make it even better.

Have you ventured around our islands? Here is an overview of what they have to offer:

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