Greece’s central and local authorities have prepared a luxury travel option for visitors that takes island hopping to new heights and will initially provide air slots at the airports of three wonderful Greek islands, bringing together three new air tourism destinations with a common goal.

The first synergy of air tours in Greece, involving the islands of Astypalaia, Kastellorizo ​​​​and Milos, has just started, with the three destinations dynamically imposing themselves on the tourist map.

This pioneering action took place last Saturday, when two private planes took off with the final destinations of Astypalaia and Milos as part of a pilot program for Greek regional airports outside their opening hours for commercial flights. .

This is an initiative undertaken jointly in 2021 by the Ministries of Infrastructure and Transport and Tourism, the Civil Aviation Authority, as well as the municipalities of Astypalaia, Kastellorizo ​​and Milos, with the cooperation of the Association of Owners and Pilots of Aircraft (AOPA Hellas) and the Hellenic Association of Pilots.

A strategic advantage of this cooperation is the widening of the connection of these three islands with destinations and means which could not be supported until today by commercial airline flights due to the limited specifications of their airports.

The pilot program foresees that flights to these three airports will be operated from sunrise to sunset and only outside the airport’s opening hours for commercial flights, as flight safety requirements are met.

In order to promote air tourism in Greece, the two ministries have set up a special inter-ministerial working group to plan and implement further joint actions.

“Air tourism can be a powerful tool for the development of the economy, bringing income to the coffers of the state, but also to the wallet of the average Greek family, throughout the year,” said the deputy. -Minister of Tourism Sofia Zacharaki.

“These three airports are the first pilot of the action, the development of which will eventually apply to all Greek regional airports”, added the Secretary General of Transport of the Ministry of Equipment and Transport, Giannis Xifaras.


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