Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms

A key feature of the past year was that revenues were higher than expected.

“In previous years we were forced, with a budget deficit of about $ 5 million, to make deep cuts before we could balance the budget. However, this year we started the budget process with only a deficit of $ 1.5 million and were able to make a few adjustments to the capital improvements, as well as the use of some surplus reserve funds, to balance the budget. budget. “

This did not result in any increase in property taxes last year, and the city’s budget for the coming year also does not include any increases.

Rock Island hired a consultant to help decide where to spend $ 26.5 million from the federal pandemic rescue plan.

Mayor Thoms says the city has just received the results of a needs assessment for the western sector.

“They hired a consultant to use the data collection from various sources, but mainly trained a group of residents to conduct this assessment. And we have gained a true and broad understanding of life experience in this area. “

And he’s eagerly awaiting up to $ 60 million in new downtown investment – including a new YWCA, a new federal courthouse, and other projects.


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