(Seychelles News Agency) – A high-level conference tourism delegation of Sierra Leoneled by the country tourism Minister, is in Seychelles to study best practices in tourism destination management, development and marketing with a focus on sustainability.

Sierra Leonethe minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Memunatu Pratt, paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Foreign Affairs and TourismSylvestre Radegonde, and the principal secretary of TourismSherin Francis, Thursday.

Speaking to the press after their meeting, Pratt shared that she and her delegation, made up of industry professionals tourism ministry, the private sector and representatives of the World Bank, seek to learn from Seychelles in order to “transform Sierra Leone so that tourism becomes the main sector of the economy.

“Seychelles is a good example of a country where you can depend solely on tourism. We want to know how the institution, businesses, partnerships and education programs are organized, and how this affects the rest of the government in when it comes to other sectors,” Pratt said.

During their working visit to Seychelles, the delegation met and is expected to meet stakeholders in the tourism industry in both the public and private sectors. The Sierra Leonean minister said such an approach would provide a holistic view of tourismwhich is the main economic pillar of the Seychelles.

“We had a meeting with the hotel associations, almost half a day with the Department of Tourism who gave different presentations on all their different programs. We will also visit schools to see what is happening. We were able to visit some of the tourism foundations to see how much work is being done,” Pratt explained.

Radegonde said Seychelles was ready to help “our brother country in Africa to succeed like us”.

A delegation from Sierra Leonea country that emerged from an internal crisis 20 years ago and is trying to develop its tourism industry, saw it as a good idea to look at what Seychelles is doing in the tourism the industry shows that Seychelles is doing a good job. This is an opportunity to share our experience with a developing country, a brother country in Africa,” Radegonde said.

According to Index of Economic Freedom 2022the West African coastal country with a population of over 7 million, suffered a “civil war in the 1990s, killing or displacing around a third of the population. The country only experienced its first transfer of peaceful power than in 2007”.

The Seychelles have been in the tourism industry for over 50 years, with the opening of Pointe Larue International Airport in 1972 being one of the key milestones that projected the tourism sector of the island nation.


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