SCITUATE – Anyone who ever wanted to know what it was like to be a Rhode Island State Police Soldier now has their chance.

The agency is accepting applications until September 17 for the 2021 Rhode Island State Police Citizens Academy. People can register on the agency’s website, but space is limited, the department said in a statement.

The program includes briefings and hands-on experience in areas such as training, officer safety, patrol operations and procedures, resistance response, domestic violence investigations, victim support and investigative techniques.

Participants will also learn about the different divisions including Professional Standards / Internal Affairs Unit, Community Diversity and Equity Unit, Patrol Office, Detective Office, Legal Services and other units. specialized.

The academy will be held every Monday evening from September 27 to November 1 at the headquarters of the department and at the training academy. Presenters include Commander Col. James Manni and State Attorney General Peter Neronha.

“The academy is an opportunity for us to strengthen our relationship with the people we serve by improving communication and sharing a deeper understanding of the challenges and demands that we face every day,” said Manni.

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