UNITED NATIONS, Nov. 23 (APP): Pakistan and Pacific island country Palau officially established diplomatic ties on Monday, pledging to collaborate in various areas of mutual interest.

The agreement on established diplomatic relations was signed in a solemn ceremony by Ambassador Munir Akram, representing Pakistan, and Ambassador Ilana Seid, representing Palau, at the Pakistani Mission to the United Nations in New York.

Marking the historic occasion, the two envoys expressed their confidence that with the establishment of diplomatic relations, new prospects for cooperation between the two countries will open up in various fields, including political, commercial, economic, cultural and educational as well. than other areas. of mutual interest.

They also expressed their satisfaction with the warm and cordial relations existing between the two nations at the United Nations and in other multilateral forums, and decided to further strengthen these ties by diversifying the existing areas of cooperation.
The Republic of Palau, made up of some 340 coral and volcanic islands, is perched on the Kyushu-Palau ridge in the western Pacific Ocean. It was a member of the United Nations Trust Territory for the Pacific Islands, which was established in 1947. The Republic of Palau officially became a sovereign state on October 1, 1994.

Pakistan and Palau are both members of the Asia-Pacific Group. The move to diplomatic relations will help them work together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aimed at promoting global development and prosperity.

The two ambassadors jointly briefed UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Palau.


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