The Run Wild, Avery Cardinal (left) and Tyson Geick, have released their debut single, “Don’t Need It” to major digital download platforms. Photo provided
The Run Wild, Avery Cardinal (right) and Tyson Geick, released their first single, The Run Wild, Avery Cardinal (right) and Tyson Geick, have released their debut single, “Don’t Need It” on major digital download platforms. Photo provided

There’s a reason Avery Cardinal and Tyson Geick’s band, The Run Wild, isn’t yet well-known in the Comox Valley: Starting a band during a pandemic presents challenges.

“We played a live performance and then everything stopped (because of COVID),” Cardinal said.

This misunderstanding is about to change, however.

The band’s first single, I do not need it, just released on all digital platforms.

“It’s been going really well so far,” Geick said on April 20, a day after the single’s release. “I had contacts from all over North America, some of my old contacts said they heard it – friends from Colorado, New York and California, so it’s kind of cool to hear from them. hear about. And of course people in British Columbia, and on the east coast as well. So there seems to be a pretty good base. Now it’s about getting to different playlists, and hopefully that we will be able to reach people beyond my network and Avery’s network.

Cardinal plays guitar, while Geick takes care of the vocals. They brought in session musicians for the recordings. Their debut EP consists of three songs.

“Everything is digital (platforms),” Cardinal said. “We’re going to release the songs one by one – we’re very strategic with that. We’re… on Spotify ( and Apple Music (, and hope to hit the radio with this.

Geick may be able to ask favors for this. He worked at one of the local stations.

Cardinal said when he and Geick first met, the connection was instantaneous.

“We immediately clicked – we all like the same music,” Cardinal said. “We love to jam, and every time one of us suggested a song, the other knew about it. So it was a great connection, which is pretty rare in music. People have so many styles and ways to perform the music, but for us, we just clicked, so we started making music and doing covers on Instagram, and those started doing really well.

Their Instagram covers even caught the attention of the original artists.

“We did a Black Keys cover, and the Black Keys commented on it; we did some Reklaws covers and they commented and shared them, so we were having fun with that,” Cardinal said. “Then we had the opportunity to record some of our songs, so we found a producer and spent a year doing it. So here we are with our first release.

I do not need it was produced by platinum-certified Canadian producer/engineer Nygel Asselin (Half Moon Run – dark eyes), mixed by multi-platinum, award-winning Canadian record producer Jeff Dalziel and mastered by senior mastering engineer Randy Merrill (Taylor Swift – FolkloreAdele – Helloand others).

Cardinal, who works at Courtenay Kia, has been in the Comox Valley for more than seven years – in Bonnyville, Alta. ex-pat, who came to the Comox Valley to be with his girlfriend – while Geick now lives in Nova Scotia. Thanks to the power of the internet, separation isn’t a huge factor right now.

“He’s doing media for a lacrosse team (Halifax Thunderbirds) there right now,” Cardinal said. “He had been here for three years. We started the band, and after we finished recording, he was offered the job in Nova Scotia, so he’s been there for six months now…but we’re still working with our producer and a few writers.

“Obviously it’s ideal when you’re together, but we prepared the ground before I left and headed east, so it was just a matter of putting everything in place and sending it to our mixer. and to our master after he moved out,” Geick added.

Cardinal said the long-term goal is to make music their full-time “gig”.

“I think it’s worth it,” he said. “We talked about it, and I think we would.”

“I’d like to think so, yes,” Geick said. ” That’s the point. So I hope that everything is really well received and that we can start making decisions.

The National Lacrosse League ends its regular season at the end of April, with playoffs to follow, so Geick has commitments before he can look too far into the future.

“People say, ‘Don’t quit your day job,’ so I have to hang on to that for now…so I guess I’ll be making some decisions in the offseason. But I’m going to keep writing with our producer and one of the other songwriters…so that’s the plan for now. But it’s good that we were able to put these first songs together. Now let’s just see how they were received and go from there.

Cardinal has already spent time in the limelight with his musical endeavors.

“Myself, personally, I’ve been in bands and opened up bands like The Trews, Hedley, Tupelo Honey…”

As for Geick, there’s a distinct country sound to his voice. He credits family ties for his interest in the genre.

“I had two cousins ​​- sisters that I grew up with and spent a lot of time with. They had a country album at the time, and they’re phenomenal singers. So I guess they were sort of my inspiration – Jacqueline and Cassandra Williams Another really good family friend Mandy McMillan she had been in Nashville for about 10 years so I used to come down and visit her once in a while and had a taste from Nashville….so I guess that all inspired me and led us to get into the campaign.

Follow The Run Wild on Instagram (therunwild) and on Twitter @therunwild for all the latest information on the next two releases.

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