MACKINAW CITY – The Mackinac Island State Park Commission, in honor and memory of Frank J. Kelley and with the blessing of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, has returned a large stuffed moose head donated by Kelley in its original location at the Michigan Governor’s summer residence.

The moose head was a family heirloom that Kelley donated in 1982 and hung in the residence until 2012.

Kelley, who died in March, served as Michigan’s attorney general from 1961 to 1999 and, when he left office, was the longest-serving attorney general in the nation’s history. He was appointed to the Mackinac Island State Park Commission by Governor John Engler in 1999 and was named Commission Chairman in 2007 by Governor Jennifer Granholm. He remained president until 2011.

“In honor of Mr. Kelley, we had asked the governor’s office this spring that the moose head be returned to the residence, and we are delighted that Governor Whitmer has agreed,” the director of historic parks said. of State of Mackinac, Steve Brisson. “We know Mr Kelley was disappointed to learn he had been removed, so we are pleased to be able to pay this small tribute in his honour.”

The lounge in Commanders' Quarters on Mackinac Island was also renamed in honor of Kelley, who died in March of this year.

Additionally, the Mackinac Island State Park Commission passed a resolution officially naming the Commandant’s Quarters Lounge “The Frank J. Kelley Lounge”. The Commander’s Quarters is an original Fort Mackinac building and serves as the guest house for the Mackinac Island State Park Commission. It was a favorite of Kelley, and he would set aside time at the residence during the Fourth of July vacation. While at the house, Kelley would personally replace or update items there, which made it more comfortable for him and other visitors.

In an official resolution read by current commission chairman Daniel Loepp, the Mackinac Island State Park Commission commended and thanked Kelley for his dedicated and successful service to the State of Michigan and the State Park Commission. Mackinac Island State Park.


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