Prepare to hear gun talk at the Rhode Island State House for the rest of the week.

the House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing at 1 p.m. Wednesday and Senate Judiciary Committee will follow Thursday at 3 p.m. to hear from both gun safety advocates and supporters of 2nd Amendment rights pushing lawmakers to pass more than two dozen bills ranging from banning ammunition magazines from great capacity for the authorization of people with concealed carry permit in other states to carry their guns to Rhode Island.

You can expect long days in both committees on Wednesday and Thursday.

It’s unclear whether any of the proposed bills have enough support in both Democratic-led chambers and the governor’s office to pass, but here are a few bills worth watching.

  • The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear evidence on the annual proposal to ban so-called assault weapons and high capacity magazines Thursday. The Journal of Providence reports that the House Judiciary Committee did not include these two bills on its agenda because they are carried over from last year.
  • Attorney General Peter Neronha asks lawmakers to approve a bill that disqualify anyone who has been convicted of possessing a firearm without a license to legally purchase or possess one.
  • This bill would require police officers on college campuses to carry firearms.
  • A single bill would increase the legal age to buy ammunition 18 to 21, while another would require background checks for the purchase of ammunition.
  • There are several bills related to police training, including one that would increase the minimum number of shots fired during training from 100 to 300 and another that would require officers to to qualify in the use of firearms at night and day twice a year.

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