Compared to English / Language Arts, GIPS students scored slightly less favorably on math tests, with 37% of students tested achieving proficiency. Northwest performed better in math than in English / language arts, with 55% of students tested achieving mastery.

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Grade 3 students are asked about number relationships and the multiplication and division of whole numbers. An example is “Jack has 346 marbles. He gives 157 marbles to his sister. How many marbles does Jack have left? Or, using an illustration, “Which rectangle has the same area and a smaller perimeter than the illustrated rectangle?” “

Eighth grade students are tasked with applying mathematical concepts to reason, solve problems, and use mathematical skills in all subject areas. An example, which relates to a plot graph provided, is “The scatter plot shows the number of minutes played and the points scored by certain players on a team. Using the line of best fit, what number is the NEAREST to the number of points that would be scored by a player playing for 27 minutes? Calculating the volume of an item, such as a cylindrical silo with a conical top, is another example of a type of challenge (“What is the maximum amount of grain, in cubic feet, that the silo can hold?”)

Statewide, 46% of students who wrote the exam were proficient in math.


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