RHIB Rides Singapore

Since water bike to kayak fishing, Singapore has its fair share of unique water activities. But what might just take the cake for us is island hopping military style – no worries, we don’t suggest that NS-compulsory visit to the Tekong.

Walk in RHIB Rides Singaporean under-the-radar activity idea, with tours of the island aboard specialized rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs).

Ride a RHIB in the waters of Singapore

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For those of us who are out of tune with military jargon, RHIBs are a quick response boats often used in the military to quickly cross water. They are like yachts, except they are much lighter. Not to mention, these stylish rides look like a scene from a spy movie. According to Google, these bad boys can go up to 40 knots or 74 km/h and are also virtually unsinkable.

RHIB Rides Singapore
The boats are equipped with backrests and belts for safety.
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Launched in October 2020 by a father and daughter duo, RHIB Rides Singapore brings a “military” experience to people of all ages with a fleet of four boats.

Prices start from $76/person for a 30 minute walk which leaves from Marina @ Keppel Baybefore sailing around the Southern Islands, including St. John and Lazare Islands.

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For a more expansive adventure, you can swing for one of their private charter experiences instead. the 3-hour swim and relax package ($1,000/10 people) drops you off at places like Pulau Hantu and Lazarus Island where you can swim away from the crowds. Snorkeling equipment and Magic Jet underwater scooters are also available as add-ons.

Even better, there’s even the option to play Jack Sparrow and be the captain of your RHIB – try driving one of these boats for yourself if you book one of their Immersive trips. Thematic tours on maritime heritage are also available for those looking for an educational activity with the little ones.

Go island hopping with RHIB Rides Singapore

Aside from the NPD, Navy Open Houses and the annual air show, it’s not every day that we get a glimpse of the military world. Climb aboard a RHIB for a thrilling date idea or a day outdoors with the family next time you’re a little bored on our little red dot.

As an additional security protocol during this time, there is also a mandatory ART test ($6/person) carried out on site, before each selected session.

Phone: 91892001

RHIB Rides Singapore Website

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