Next stop is Silba, 2 hours fast sailing from Susak and only 1.5 hour catamaran ride from Zadar city. The serene little island is free of cars, motorbikes and even bicycles during the summer months to preserve the environment and tranquility. You won’t find any hotels on the island, instead visitors choose to stay in private apartments or houses.

Silba has many small beaches and bays where you can swim and bask in the sun. In the west of the island you will find gravel beaches and in the north and east soft sandy beaches, which is quite rare in Croatia. Pocumarak, Tratica and Sotorisce are the must-see beaches. Each offering crystal clear water, great spots to watch the sunset, and sports and activities.

The small island has many historical monuments to explore. During your stay in Silba you can visit the Toreta, the marine tower also known as the Tower of Love. The legend says that the tower was built in memory of an unforgettable love. Just 5 minutes from the center stand the remains of the island’s ancient windmill and there are a number of historic churches to visit.

The mild Mediterranean climate makes Silba an ideal place for sports and activities. On many beaches you can play volleyball, basketball or handball or you can take to the water and enjoy windsurfing and water skiing.


From Silba, embark for the island of Vrgada. For those who want to see “the Mediterranean as it was”, this small traditional island is the perfect place. It’s easy to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life on this small island, where life goes by its own pace. In Vrgada, as tradition dictates, tourists are greeted by locals on a mule.

Vrgada belongs to the coastal part of the Zadar archipelago and is only 2.5 nautical miles from the mainland. This small island is largely covered in forest to the north and slopes into the sea to the south. The crystal clear waters make excellent spots for snorkeling.

A must-visit spot on the island is the Hakuna Matata Beach Bar, located on a sandy beach with crystal clear waters that offers excellent spots for snorkeling and waterskiing. Sit down with a drink and enjoy the cozy atmosphere away from the urban disturbances. It is also a wonderful place to watch the sunset.


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