There is no better way to experience the wonders of the Caribbean than on a private luxury yacht charter while experiencing the glamor of the Caribbean islands.

From the Cayman Islands and Cuba in the northwest, to Trinidad and Tobago in the south, every sparkling gem in the sparkling aquamarine sea is just waiting to be explored when visiting multiple Caribbean islands.

The region’s name comes from the 15th century, when explorer Christopher Columbus sought a faster sea route between Europe and India, but mistook the glittering Caribbean islands for his intended destination. Today, the islands vibrate to the rhythm of reggae and teem with culture and character, not to mention a mild climate and some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.

But it’s the sea itself that has the most hypnotic allure, with kaleidoscopic hues of blues and greens that woo anyone who visits it.

The most exciting way to enjoy a Caribbean island hopping adventure is by chartering a luxury crewed private yacht, where the crew will look after your comfort while you relax and enjoy your vacation. life.

Why go from island to island in the Caribbean?

While all islands enjoy the sun, sea and sand, each has its own unique character and culture, so the best way to experience every corner of paradise is to visit several Caribbean islands, and there is no better way to do that than on a Caribbean Yacht Charter.

And while most destinations can be reached by air, the real magic of the Caribbean is encountered as you glide through the iridescent turquoise waters. Whether aboard a motor yacht or a sailboat, a luxury yacht offers the perfect way to jump from port to port in style.

It also gives the opportunity to linger longer on one of the islands where you just can’t leave the beautiful beaches, sensational sunsets or the many locals with whom you are likely to form lifelong friendships. .

But among the dozens of dazzling islands in this volcanic archipelago, there are a few not to be missed. Read on to find out which destinations to put on your itinerary if you plan to cruise the Caribbean islands on a vacation that is sure to exceed all expectations.


Cuba – A reflection of the past

The largest island in the region, Cuba is a land frozen in time and the perfect starting point for your Caribbean island hopping adventure. With buildings exuding the faded grandeur of pre-revolution days, you’ll glimpse a way of life that has hardly changed since the 1950s. Although surrounded by unspoiled white sand beaches, Cuba’s allure lies mostly in places like Old Havana, which are best explored on foot or by driving in one of the classic cars that have been circulating since pre-Castro times. Enjoy the sizzling sounds of salsa, walk the Malecón, and get ready for rumba. A yacht charter in the Caribbean is essential.


Jamaica – Land of wood and water

Then, on your vacation visiting several Caribbean islands, drop anchor to enjoy a jammin ‘in Jamaica. Boasting the Blue Mountains, which are the highest in the Caribbean, the island is crisscrossed with crystal-clear rivers, as well as breathtaking beaches along the coast. It also resonates with music in every corner, as the legacy of icons such as Bob Marley continues to inspire and uplift. Whether you are looking for the urban vibe of the capital, Kingston, or experience rafting down a bamboo river, swimming in a blue hole, ziplining through the treetops or horseback riding in an old plantation there is an exciting experience for every hour of the day.

Virgin islands

The Virgin Islands – Heaven on Earth

The British Virgin Islands and the United States of America are both long established centers for the Caribbean Islands. Within the US Virgin Islands group, Sainte-Croix, Saint-Jean and Saint-Thomas are each unique but together have more than 60 dive sites. There are also great snorkeling spots where you might very well meet a sea turtle. On land, you can hike in the national park, go off-roading in a jeep, and visit historic buildings. In the British Virgin Islands, every place you dock has its own charm, from the four larger islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada to over 50 smaller islands. In every place there are friendly people, amazing beaches and recreational activities that will draw you in again and again.


Antigua – In Nelson’s Footsteps

With a coastline of safe harbors, it’s no wonder Admiral Horatio Nelson established Britain’s most important naval base here in 1784. Today the island is an ever popular stopover. among yachting enthusiasts enjoying a yacht charter in the Caribbean. The security, coupled with the natural beauty of the island, make it an ideal haven for boating adventures all year round. Antigua’s shores are ideal for boating and cruising, and there is a popular annual Sailing Week in late April or early May – a scintillating event that draws participants from all over the world. English Harbor and the neighboring village of Falmouth are centers of yachting and supply.


Saint Martin & Sint Maarten – Chic and sophisticated

Another popular stopover for anyone visiting the Caribbean islands, this two-nation island exudes glamor and sophistication. With French Saint Martin on one side and Dutch Sint Maarten on the other, they combine their unique characteristics with all the charisma of the Caribbean. Known for their excellent food, vibrant nightlife and great shopping, as well as fabulous beaches, the two halves of the island are a must stop when visiting several Caribbean islands.

So whether you are visiting the above destinations or some of the other wonderful Caribbean islands, you will never tire of things to see and do as you cruise the Caribbean islands aboard a luxury yacht.

Article by Catherine MacGillivray


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