Whenever island vacation issues are at stake, the Caribbean gets the credit. What people don’t understand is that there is more to island vacations than just visiting the Caribbean. Island Hopping is a fun activity that every island enthusiast must experience at least once in their life.

Island hopping in Croatia is a great adventure with thrilling experiences. From the beach-to-beach kayaking experience to cruising in a rented boat, Croatia is an absolute vibe.

Here is a guide to exploring the islands in Croatia.

Take note of the seasons

Weather is a key factor to consider when planning an island vacation. The biggest mistake most vacationers make is ignoring the weather aspect. Holidays on the island of Croatia are no different. Going too early or too late in the year means the fun activities in the area will be missed.

The best season to visit the island of Croatia is summer. While the coastline is accessible all year round, the sea is sometimes too cold for any activity. Chilled ocean waters are not ideal for ship movement.

Anywhere between May and September is a good time to travel. The warm sea water creates the perfect conditions for ferry services, which are an essential part of the Croatian island-hopping experience.

July and August are the peak months. It’s high season, so keep that in mind. However, the traffic during this time is immense and hotels charge exorbitant rates to cover low season losses.

  • Recommendation: June and September are the best times to travel for the ideal solo or family experience. Traffic is low and fares are down, thanks to lower demand.

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Key places to visit

Identifying the main places of interest is also part of the Croatian experience. With 1,244 islands and islets along a 6,000km stretch of coastline, holidaymakers have a pretty daunting task in identifying the best areas to visit. One day is never enough in Croatia. More visits will be needed for an expansive island experience.

The following areas will be a good way to spend the first days of your vacation.

  • Mljet: Home to one of Europe’s most popular national parks, Mljet is an area no holidaymaker should ignore. While most tours of the island are recommended for evenings, visitors get the most out of Mljet during the day. Visit the park and experience firsthand what this part of Europe has to offer in terms of heritage.

  • Split: Ignore name; there is nothing divided in this city. Instead, it is among the most popular cities to visit, as it is home to one of Croatia’s crucial airports. From its beautiful waterfront lined with multiple cafes to Hajduk Split’s Poljud Stadium, visitors have much more to explore on this island.

  • Kornati Archipelago: Covering 114 square miles, the Kornati archipelago is a huge island that is divided into 140 different islets. Unlike Split and Mljet, which are largely inhabited by humans, there are virtually no signs of human life on any of the 140 islands. Even more interestingly, there is no public transport in this area, which means vacationers have to part with something extra. The epic views from the sea make the Kornati archipelago a key feature that every vacationer must try.

  • Brijuni: 15 minutes from the mainland is an island whose image depicts a completely different world. Brijuni is home to history lessons all over Croatia. Its national park says it all. Inspired by post-war leader Tito, this island has an entire section dedicated to the exotic animals he brought to the island from other parts of the world.

Dubrovnik, Korčula and Hvar are other island options to consider.

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Early planning of movement between islands

Being largely an ocean-dominated area, watercraft are the real deal here. But then, who needs a car, all they are looking for is an island hopping experience. During peak season, getting a seat on one of the ships is a struggle. It is advisable to book in advance to overcome the pressure that accompanies a last minute rush.

One means of travel that every vacationer should consider is the publicly funded ferry. Although these ferry services are designed to facilitate tourist activities in the various islands, they can also be chaotic depending on the time of year. However, they are a great option for budget vacationers.

Chartering a boat is the other applicable option when traveling from island to island in Croatia. Although boats are popular here, adventurers are advised to book in time to pick the best one. Renting one for a week may seem expensive, but in the long term, it’s the cheapest option compared to day rentals.

Kayaks are also common vessels on the Croatian coast. Booking one with the help of the respective companies is a smart plan. Seaplanes are also available for those who want a better view of the ocean and can afford it.

Jumping in the islands of Croatia does not discriminate against anyone. From free rides for budget vacationers to seaplanes for those in need of a bit of luxury, there’s something for everyone.

Aerial view of Dubrovnik old town, Croatia

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