Expedition in Eagle Rock

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We began the expedition at the Center for the Arts.  Walking eastward on Colorado Blvd we passed Eagler Rock and discussed the use of sidewalks.  Issues of loitering and obstruction of pedestrian traffic were raised.  We then came across the old Eagle Rock City Hall, which had a beautiful, forest like area in front.  We wondered if we could hang out here but there were no trespassing signs.  We proceed to a traffic island or median; there are an archipelago of the going down Colorado Blvd.  We went onto one which had a roadside memorial for 4 victims of a car crash.  We sat down for a confab about public space before heading back to the center.


This Friday, as part of an exhibition at the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock called Needle In A Haystack curated by Nate Garcia, Islands of LA will lead an expedition in search of public space where we can legally assemble at any time of day or night.  the activity challenges us to consider why we don’t fathom  going out at night in public to hang out and freely associate without being required to spend money (i.e. at a restaurant or bar).  while we sometimes hang out in public during the day (i.e. at parks and beaches), we don’t think of doing the same at night.  Why is this?  should our society allow us to do this?  additionally,  participants will be invited to use or activate the spaces we find and to consider the challenges (i.e. ethical, social and aesthetic) of doing this.  finally, along the way, people can take pictures, draw, etc and contribute them to the gallery for a collage.

Time: the opening starts at 6pm.  A small group of us will leave around 9 or 10pm.

What to bring: whatever creative art-making tools you like (paper/pen, sketchpad, camera, video), warm clothing, water.

Note: this activity continues with an excursion/expedition on 2/7 about the use and availability of overlooked public space.

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