Occupy LA uses island/median to protest Obama fundraiser dinner

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Posted on Facebook: NEWS ALERT: An Occupy LA detail departs City Hall shortly. Their statement follows. “We are occupying the medians/traffic islands at Wilshire/Highland. President Obama will be arriving this evening to hold $35,800 per plate fundraisers at the homes of Hollywood celebrities. We are protesting the necessity that a president be bought-and-paid-for in order to reach the highest position of power in this country. There is a bus leaving in 20 minutes from OccupyLA to bring more folks to the site. Traffic islands are the most protected assembly space in the land; once we are there they cannot make us leave! We need more bodies on the ground to send a clear message that ‘We the People,’ and not ‘We the Dollar,’ rule this land once again.” ~pj

Posted on Facebook: Update on Occupy LA Detail of 50 occupiers currently holding space at the median of the intersection of Wishire and Highland. The LAPD just informed demonstrators that the Secret Service has requested the Occupiers leave the median Of Wilshire and Highland immediately. They said it has been declared a safe zone for Obama’s visit. If they refuse to move, LAPD said they WILL be arrested. Stay tuned for updates as events unfold. ~pj

On Occupy Los Angeles website: On Monday, October 24, 2011, thirteen brave souls ventured forth from the loving embrace of Occupy Los Angeles’ base camp. They strode with purpose as their footsteps echoed throughout the corridors of Civic Center Metro Station. Their destination: a guitar pick-shaped slice of freedom. There was a man they needed to see. continue

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