The Roving Garden Project

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The Roving Garden Project is going to be a part of this year’s LA Road Concert! Come by and get a seedling, talk of meaningful public gathering spaces, push a garden cart as we walk along the sidewalks, traffic medians and crosswalks in East Beverly Hills. We will be walking along Sunset Blvd between ¬†Foothill, Alpine, Hillcrest and into West Hollywood to Crescent Heights Blvd and back again.


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One response to “The Roving Garden Project”

  1. The la road concert along sunset blvd last saturday was great. the roving garden moved along the blvd with a motley crew and some native plant seedlings and vegetables. we talked with friends and strangers, gave away plants, experienced some great art, and lost a wheel along the way. along the traffic medians in east beverly hills, we ran into a few friends who joined us on our rove. an unlikely place for meaningful exchanges, but then that’s the point…