Bahrainians Utilize Traffic Circle For Peaceable Assembly

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The demonstrations in Bahrain began when people started gathering on a large traffic circle called Pearl Monument. Here are some highlights of the initial events:

  • February 20th, SFGate reported: In Bahrain, demonstrators triumphantly returned to the Pearl Square traffic circle after the military pulled back on government orders.
  • March 13th, AP International reported a story that the NHJournal ran stating: Activists tried to stand their ground and chanted “Peaceful, peaceful.”
  • March 17, the LA Times reported: “They made their stand in a traffic circle known as Pearl Square a month ago, putting up tents, arming themselves mostly with sticks and rocks, and creating a bulwark of noisy protest that brought this tiny island nation nearly to a standstill and threatened its monarchy.”

Traffic islands represent a global story about the human built environment. Surprisingly, they are the site of demonstrations and peaceable assemblies around the world, functioning beyond urbanist and traffic engineering intentions to beautify and pacify. Here are other examples of islands used as sites of protest.

Images from the protest in Bahrain including its center at the traffic circle can be found at Totally Cool Pix. Below is one of their images, please visit their site to see more.

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