Candlelight March & Share (this Sunday)

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For Middle Eastern solidarity,
lets gather safely in the city
and stoke the kindling of group liberty.

We’ll meet at San Vicente and 20th on Sunday.
Moving, from 8 to 9pm, a soiree
along the wide, grassy median way.

Bring a story, snack or quote, a poem,
a song of middle eastern origin.
Holding candles or flashlights we’ll begin.

We’ll march until we reach the bluffs and join,
peaceably above the ocean
sharing face to face till 10 at night.

Come support the people yearning
in the Middle East by exercising
liberty. Together we’ll be forging

social time for civic interaction,
and returning home to send them signs:
thoughts and pictures through the power lines

to those in Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Bahrain,
and elsewhere such as Egypt and Iran
by using various tools online.

Congregate in public in LA,
Support their effort, may it grow and stay;
where people gather, liberty can play.

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