Top Reasons to Visit an Island

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  • Easily accessible, traffic islands are located everywhere, making it easy to find a pocket of public space to gather at regardless of what part of town you are in
  • In the United States, to visit and enjoy the freest places in the city and the last remaining publicly owned public space where you can hang out, gather and express yourself at anytime without a fee as long as you adhere to Island Law
  • Enjoy a urban intimate space in our urban landscape: islands are in the middle of the everyday happening. The expanse of road and the white noise of traffic often creates an unexpected sense of intimacy and tranquility
  • To stage a protest or otherwise share your message with the drivers or, as the 4th appellate court in Virginia put it, “to reach the undifferentiated bustle of humanity.”
  • Visit these quotidian spaces that are locations of stories around the world, which comprise the Lore of the Islands
  • A great place for a momentary vacation in our high velocity lifestyle
  • For a picnic or other gathering
  • To have a small musical or art performance
  • For jogging or walking
  • For a nap or to read a book
  • Get to a bus
  • Cross the street
  • Sell fruit or flowers or purchase some of the items sold by local micro-entrepreneurs.  In some countries, the entrepreneurs are outlaws, working under the radar.  In other countries, their use is permissible and even supported.  In Spain, small shops and cafes can be found on some islands
  • Raise money: not only panhandlers but the fire department has also used a traffic island to raise money
  • To enjoy the monuments, war memorials and permanent art that can be found on some traffic islands
  • To install a roadside memorial for a loved one

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