Islands Anyone?

Fort Hauser, a recurring sculptural spectacle

Islands of LA congratulates Fort Hauser on its use of traffic islands for public space and wishes success for 2012 as it embarks on new projects. Its great to see Faith Purvey‘s project evolve. Faith first contacted Islands of LA in early 2008 wanting to do an event on a traffic island. Through correspondence, phone [...]


Fort Hauser: A Mid-City Fort

This entry and activity were created by Faith Purvey, who was invited by Islands of LA to participate in Islands Anyone? for which she created a children’s art studio and gallery called Fort Hauser. For an additional post on Fort Hauser click here. My friend Andrew and I were talking about building things together. He [...]


A Day In L.A., Washington Blvd Art Concert: Islands Anyone?

Islands Anyone? is a project for the A Day in LA: Washington Blvd Art Concert that invites everyone to visit traffic islands along Washington Blvd.  The map below is of all the traffic islands on Washington Blvd where groups ranging in size from ~5 – 30 people, depending on the island, can gather and engage [...]