Projects – main page listing

There are different facets of Islands of LA. Projects often cross over into more than one of these. Some projects are one time events and others span several months.


  • Events: These activities are evolving and occur on traffic islands with small groups of people held in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Art Traffic Island Signs - These signs begin a dialogue with the city and are invitations to notice and think about the spaces and participate in a project about public land use, art, community and discussion/cultural interchange. Two Signs have been installed thusfar: Islands of LA Nat'l Park and Shift Do Art Anytime. Two others have been designed: Notice and Public Assembly.


  • Visit an Island: Information about the use of traffic islands as public space for community and discussions
  • Interactive Map: Traffic island locations mapped with the ability to get directions to the sites for your own use
  • Lore of the Islands: The use of traffic islands to explore, understand and document the urban experience by collecting stories about the use of traffic islands.
  • Island Law: an ongoing collection and discussion of the legal context of using traffic islands in the United States



Below is a chronological list of projects:

The Roving Garden Project

The Roving Garden Project is going to be a part of this year’s LA Road Concert! Come by and get a seedling, talk of meaningful public gathering spaces, push a garden cart as we walk along the sidewalks, traffic medians and crosswalks in East Beverly Hills. We will be walking along Sunset Blvd between  Foothill, [...]


Rad(ish) Island Tour, part of Let Them Eat LACMA curated by Fallen Fruit

Rad(ish) Island Tour by Islands of LA & Roots of Compromise (Karen Atkinson, John Burtle, Ari Kletzky, Owen Driggs) Walking from artwork into actual space, the Rad(ish) Island Tour considers possibilities of public planting, public gathering and the related agendas that inform the portrayal of landscape. The tours begin at the traffic island sculpture, which is [...]


Island Soiree – Auction for Les Figures Press Fundraiser

Islands of LA is participating in the Give a Fig Auction and Fundraiser. Come out and support the literary press. All the information is below. Lots of great items to bid on and if you are looking to take a vacation to a intimate speck of city in a sea of urbanization, consider bidding and [...]


Roots of Compromise, The Gardens of LACMA
and Reflections on Gardening Edibles on Traffic Islands

Go to the event details for: The Gardens of LACMA (part of Fallen Fruit Presents EATLACMA) Islands of LA has focused on the temporary use of traffic islands as a vehicle to consider the city as well as examine and engage with public space for gathering (peaceable assembly), speech and questions of individual agency. In [...]


Island Square Dance

We’ll be on a traffic island in Echo Park on 1st between Douglas and Glendale from 8-10pm, beneath the bridge with the downtown skyscrapers visible in the distance for an evening of public square dancing, live music and film on a traffic island.  Donwloadable Island Square Dance flyer, designed by square dance caller Cory Marie [...]



g727 727 South Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90014 213 627 9563 Islands of LA welcomes artist Sarah Roberts and composer Gerhard Schultz for soundscape activities. These activities are part of Islands of LA’s ongoing effort to explore the use and availability of traffic islands for peaceful assembly and expressive content that fosters discussion and [...]


USC Island Project: Pictionary & Picnic

The undergrad public art class at USC (aka “Art In the Public Realm: Contemporary Issues”) is working on a project with Ari and Islands of LA. The aim is to develop an island-based action that let’s our group tease out – or butt into – ideas about public space/s in L.A. It could be a didactic intervention [...]


The Lore of the Islands – collection of stories

These stories were collected in the first year of the project.


Rhythm Analysis

Traffic islands are filled with histories, sounds, sights and movements…a cacophony of relations and possibilities.  Spend a moment on an island, listen, look, learn about the history, about these spaces all over the place. There is much to see in the Islands of LA Nat’l Park. This is just what we did tonight.  A small [...]


Placemap: Public Art Studies Students from USC

On 9/18/08, a group of 12 graduate students in Public Art Studies at USC and their professor, Susan Gray, took a tour of public art in Los Angeles.